Dunsbury Park: Paint it perfect!

One of our long term clients (Dunsbury Park) needed their on-site marketing suite embellished with a bit of branding and we jumped at the chance of designing and painting the porta-cabin. The nice summery weather made doing the job that much more fun.

The project was no small feat and we had to carefully plan how we would do everything. First thing was designing the actual graphics that went on the walls of the suite. Our client asked for a colourful and vibrant design that welcomes visitors to the park. We used the main colours of the brand and created a design using the icon on the logo to draw on shapes and patterns.

We ordered some huge stencils from Lasercutit up in Scotland, visited Johnstone’s paint specialists in Portsmouth and bought some supplies. We also had to do some of our own stencilling as the large shapes in the design weren’t quite possible with the heavy and slightly thicker acrylic stencils we ordered. We used illustrator to draw the massive shapes onto a big sheet of A3 papers, printed those out and cut the shapes out with a scalpel.

We had so much fun doing this, we delivered something truly unique and the client is super happy too.

Have a look at the whole process below:

(the design)

(starting out with a blank cabin)

(painting the background colours)

(installing our home-made stencils)

(using stencils ordered from Lasercutit)

(using stencils ordered from Lasercutit)

(letting the paint dry before taking the stencils off)

(installing stencils for the logo pattern)

(dabbing paint on)

(it’s all in the detail)


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